August felt quite hectic. Our feet took a bashing. Thankfully, we were kindly supported by 1000 Mile socks for our Swedish trek. We tested out both their men’s and women’s 3 season walking socks alongside our Lowa boots.


As we were attempting a long trek, we decided to team the 1000 Mile socks with a sock liner to add another layer of protection for preventing rubbing and blisters. The walking socks felt very snug, especially around the top of the sock, but not anything that would make you feel uncomfortable. This snug feeling is a good thing, as it helped the socks stay up around your ankle when you wished them to. It is worth trying a pair if you can before purchasing. Getting the right fit of your socks and boots is a very important factor in preventing rubbing and blisters. If you did feel you needed a bit more space, then we would suggest a size up.

Feel and grip

The socks are made out of a blend of Merino wool, Nylon and Elastine – with Merino wool being the most abundant material, making them feel great. The socks have increased padding in all the right places to help prevent against blisters.

What is great with 1000 mile is they have their blister free guarantee! You can find more information here (this only applied to certain models of 1000 mile socks).

Keeping your feet warm and dry

The 1000 mile socks kept our feet very warm and dry. We did sweat into our shoes a tad as it was a long and hard walk when we tested them. When taking the shoe off we did notice a slightly wet feeling on the bottom of the sock but we put this down to the foot heating into the shoe. When taking the socks off to air our feet were dry and did not smell. We put this down to the high amounts of Merino wool to wick sweat away from the foot and dry quickly.


Prices for the 3 season socks start from £15.49, but it really depends on the exact socks you need for your walk as to which to go for and the price for them.


We thought the 3 season socks from 1000 mile were a good fit, they kept our feet warm and dry even when the conditions were warmer than expected. They are better suited to slightly cooler temperatures we feel, and that a 2 season would be better for summer hiking. Our feet were never wet though, and we were wearing these with an extra thin inner sock too so our feet were pretty hot. We didn’t experience any rubbing or blisters, which is great when your on a long hike. Like any hike though, you need to take good care of your feet in order to not get any blisters at all, even if you do have great socks and boots. We would definitely recommend these socks as part of a good hiking set up.

For more information on 1000 mile socks check out their website