Many might turn their noses up at camping in the Autumn, but we think that if you don’t mind a bit of colder weather and the odd rain shower, that Autumn camping can be just as good as in the Summer.

We came up with 5 simple reasons as to why Autumn camping can be awesome and we think you should give it a go!

  1. It’s quieter
    The kids are back to school and the fair weather campers have headed home. So it’s the perfect time for chilled out vibes. It also means you can pitch up on your chosen spot easier, and maybe even save yourself some money with camping prices falling off after the summer rush.
  2. Waking up to cold crisp mornings is magic
    Crisp, chilly air, mist hanging low over the field. Is there a much more magical sight to wake up to?
  3. Clear night skies
    Or hopefully at least! If you’re lucky enough, take some time in the late evening to star up at the sky and appreciate the stars. See how many constellations you can spot!
  4. There’s less insects – so, less bites!
    This one says it all really. No one likes getting bitten, and in the Autumn as the colder weather comes in, there are less bugs in the air, so therefore less bites.
  5. Campfires just get better and better
    Everyone loves a campfire. There is some sort of primal feeling about them. With slightly shorter days on the horizon it means more time for campfires! Toast some marshmallows, cook up a feast and enjoy the warmth. Just remember, check the laws and makes sure you’re allowed to have a fire where you’re camping, and of course be safe!