Beginning her career on the dry slopes of the UK, pro snowboarder and Team GB Olympian, Aimee Fuller, now competes across the globe. In this interview, we talk to Aimee about her progress from teenage skier to Roxy sponsored snowboarder and how important moments in her life have led to her success.

Aimee’s unstoppable passion while commentating on the Women’s slopestyle finals at the Sochi winter Olympics helped to launch her into the public eye, firmly placing her as one of Team GB’s most recognisable athletes of the last few years.

We see from your website that you have always wanted to ski and moving from central London to the peaks of USA. What did that transition feel like?

Moving to the USA at age 12, Virginia to be precise, it never crossed my mind that this would be where I would begin to chase my passion. I tried snowboarding age 8 at a family holiday visiting my cousins in Toronto Canada, but it wasn’t till I was 12 that I hung up the skis on my third day trip to Whitetail Mountain in Pennsylvania. I used to join friends from school every two weeks in the winter to ride for the day. The hardest transition was moving back, thinking I would leave my passion behind at age 16, but a summer trip to Mt Hood Glacier in Oregon meant I met Coach Erin Comstock, who recommended me to Roxy.

Living in the UK is challenging for snowboarding. Not much snow and lack of enough indoor parks. What do you think the UK needs to do to find more ski and snowboard stars?

I think we need to support grass roots development further. There are some amazing facilities in the UK, The Snow Centre being one of my favourite with big park nights ever Friday. It’s amazing the skills that can be acquired in the centre and then taken out to the likes of the British Championships on the mountain.

Not many people would ask to go to a snowboard camp for their 16th birthday (sounds awesome by the way!). How much do you feel that camp helped you progress to the standard you are today?

That camp taught me the fundamentals of a backside 360, which at first arriving I thought was an easy trick. It’s a different ball game when you are taught to transfer that skill to a large kicker. That is what I learned there, and when I went on my first Roxy trip two months later, that was the trick I pulled out on the big jump in Saas Fee that got me my first full page Contender photo sequence in Document Snowboard Magazine!

You were signed by Roxy at a young age. How did that feel and what have you learned from working with them so far?

Working with a brand that supports females across multiple action sports is amazing. It opens up a network of likeminded, inspirational females. It’s a huge honour to be a part of one of the longest standing Surf and Snow brands. I have been with them for 11 years this October. They have taught me many things; one being to follow your passion and obstacles are there to be overcome.

How did it feel to represent your country in the Olympics?

The best feeling in the world. Walking out into that Opening ceremony really is special, representing my country, wearing the home kit, and to do it for a 2nd time in PyeongChang 2018 was even better. I’m really appreciating every moment.

Your Instagram shows you live a pretty hectic lifestyle, both on and off the piste. How do you cope balancing life in the UK and training on the mountain?

The best part of being based in the UK is the ability to be pretty much anywhere in the world within 13 hours except New Zealand! With direct flights to the USA and Canada out of Heathrow, you can ride all week. Monday to Friday, my favourite being Absolut Park in Austria. I fly into Salzburg, pick up a rental car, drive 40 minutes and I am on the mountain!

What advice would you give to people wanting to get into professional snowboarding?

Start small, focus on the basics, they are the fundamentals to all of the big tricks. I accelerated through my career fairly quickly, having to go back and work on basics throughout my professional career. Start small, try something new every day you are on the hill, no matter how small it is; that one thing will keep you coming back time and time again.

Aimee Fuller is a professional slopestyle snowboarder sponsored by global action sports brand Roxy. Find out more about the latest Roxy Snow Collection here