It’s the topic of our age. Climate change are the buzz words flying around the internet, all over your social media streams. And rightly so. The science is telling us that we’re ruining the one planet we have to live on. The big question is, what can you, or I, do about it?

Here at Mountain and Co we’ve decided to step up our environmental practices. At the same time, we want to share those practices, and simple tips, that can help you be more environment friendly in your daily lives.

We start here. Answering one of the big questions, helping you understand the ‘What can I do about climate change’ challenge.

Reduce your carbon footprint.

We can all do simple things to reduce our carbon footprints. Here are a few ways in which you can reduce yours.

Eat locally and seasonally

It’s hard to know where all your food comes from. Shopping in big supermarkets is never going to land you with food from local farms and businesses. So, instead, try shopping from local green grocers or farmshops where possible. Try to eat at seasonally as possible too, making the most of super fresh vegetables instead of produce that has to be flown and shipped in from abroad or stored for months in football-pitch-sized fridges.

Reduce your meat consumption

We’re not saying you have to radically change your diet or go vegan. Though, if you do, that’s great! But, reducing your meat and poultry consumption is one of the biggest impacts to your carbon footprint you can have. Try eating just one or two small portions a week. There is plenty of tasty goodies and protein to be had from vegetables, trust us.

Save Energy

This is one of the simplest ones, as there are many ways to save energy at home. Turn off lights you don’t need on, switch to low energy bulbs, don’t have your heating on if you don’t need to. Quick wins that add up over time. Even unplugging electricals so they aren’t draining power on standby will help.

Change your energy supplier

Another incredibly simple swap that can save (literally) tonnes of carbon. It can take as little as 20 minutes to get the switch moving and be on your way to using green energy. We know, because we did it at the start of this year! Try companies like Good Energy to be on 100% green energy, or at least a company like Bulb who offset where they cannot provide 100% renewable. Take a look at The Big Clean Switch to find out more.


Could you be taking a train instead of flying? Or a bus instead of driving? This doesn’t work for everyone, all of the time. But making some small changes to the way we travel can have a big impact over all. Going on holiday in Europe? Why not see if there is a train that can get you there? We best you’ll be surprised at how long it takes you to get there, not as long as you think.

Planting trees

There seems to be a plethora of companies popping up offering reforestation in return for your money. While planting lots of trees is a good thing generally, you need to be careful with who you are trusting to not just plant, but nurture those trees into adulthood. So, yes, help in planting more trees by shopping at places that use planting schemes, choose to offset travel by planting them, but please make sure it is a registered and regulated business doing the planting to ensure their survival, giving the best chance of soaking up that carbon!

These are just a few ways in which you can help reduce your carbon footprint. Over time, we will be sharing more tips on how to be more friendly to the planet. Like, how to reduce your plastic usage in a plastic free challenge for example.

Keep an eye on the blog for more environment related content coming soon.

Featured image from Pexels.