Have you ever wanted your own cabin in the woods to escape to? A haven of tranquillity? How about being able to build it all by yourself, from a set of preset plans? Sounds good, doesn’t it. Den was created for that exact purpose.

A cabin kit you can build yourself

According to the manufacturer, their Den Cabin Kit can be built without complex knowledge or tools, coming with all the materials and plans you need to build the small two-person cabin in as little as 2-3 days. There are no nails in the construction, so in theory, you could move the semi-permanent structure from one place to another if your first location isn’t quite right.

While still made of simple materials, the company state that it has been created with the upmost quality, with CNC milled parts, so as to make the construction process as simple for the consumer as possible.

You’ll pay a handsome fee for this convenience though, $21,000 in fact.

Cabin plans only

However, you can buy just the structural plans for a similar cabin for a much more welcome $99, or larger more complex structures too. But of course, you would have to source all the materials, measure, saw, drill and construct the cabin all on your own.

Den cabin
Den’s A-frame bunk cabin
Den cabin
Den’s Modern Alpine cabin

Head off-grid with optional extras

Den’s small cabin designs come with three-season insulation and weather protection, but they can be upgraded to handle four-season, all-year-round conditions.

You can also take them off-grid, with further upgrades like solar panels to provide electricity.

Den’s Cabin Kit is only available in America and Canada, but you could purchase the plans and create one of the other cabins from their collection anywhere in the world, as long as you are following the local building regulations and laws of course.

Find out more about Den by visiting their website.