Recently Finisterre have created a newly inspired wildlife collection with one of our favourite places to visit! The Natural History Museum in London. This is a place of wonder and for both of us a place that we visited as children; always remembering the many corridors full of worldly treasures.

Some of the greatest biologists and artists have been the inspiration for this new collaboration and the collection is colourful!

We were sent a few pieces to test out and here are out thoughts!

Tshirts – with a wild edge

Finisterre are really making some beautiful t-shirts and these two, one for men embroidered with the NHM’s newest star – the blue whale and one for women, with a bee are simpe yet well thought out.

First of all we would like to say that these are some of the softest t-shirts we have ever worn. Pictures don’t do them justice, so if you have a store near you please do go and check them out! The material is made from Premium quality 155g/m² organic cotton jersey and topped off with a soft-touch carbon finish that keeps the material staying soft

The fit for both men and women (Nick wears a UK… and Dani wears a size UK 12/14) are considered and slim fitting, so if you want one with a little more wiggle room then consider going a size up. They feel very lightweight and quite comfortable around the arms but still prone to underarm sweat.

We did notice with a bag on the back it was prone to feeling sweaty, so not good t-shirt for hiking but more a leisurely day out on the beach or at the park etc.

What is a great feature are the way that the Finisterre tags are applied. The one in the t-shirt is sewn in and doesn’t rub on the neck. The inside also has an extra padding to protect the neck from any rubbing. With Dani’s tshirt, the white is a little see through (enough to see the outline of a black bra) so consider wearing a neutral or white bra.

Pricing for the t-shirts are currently £35

Colourful and reversible bucket hats

Another piece that was sent to us for Dani is this awesome bucket hat. It colourful, fun and a great travel accessory. Perfect for festivals or for a stroll along the sea front. Easy to always keep in your bag, lightweight and fold able. What is great is this hat reverse able, with designs from the greatest naturalist Charles Darwin and illustrations from Nouvea Larousse (more information on both below).

What we love apart from the colourful, bold statement hat is the fact that is is 100% recycled polyester.

The fit of the hat was good for my head however if there was a gust of wind, you might see you hat flying! It also has airholes for air flow, so you don’t sweat too much.

The price for the bucket hat is currently £40

Information from Finisterre

In collaboration with the Natural History Museum, one side features hand-picked illustrations from the famed ‘Nouveau Larousse Illustre’ – a 19th century French encyclopaedia containing over 49,000 illustrations – bringing together an exclusive collage of the mysterious underwater world that is as relevant and inspiring today as it ever has been.

On the reverse side we celebrate history’s greatest naturalist, Charles Darwin, reproducing notes and illustrations taken directly from his original notebooks, written during that seminal voyage on the HMS Beagle. Darwin’s signature is also featured having been found within the Natural History Museum’s earliest guestbook.


Overall Finisterre have curated and created some great new t-shirts and hats, along with a beautiful collection celebrating some of natures most famous artists and naturalists. It is great to bring their studies back to life in such a colourful way and we are looking forward to wearing our pieces knowing the history behind each design. It is a great way to celebrate summer, with some premium clothing.