In October, we got the chance to test the latest rugged watch from G-SHOCK. The mudmaster carbon core guard (GG-B100-1A3).

We took it with us on a wild weekend in the Brecon Beacons to test out its features and rugged performance.

Out the box

First off, you recognise you’re dealing with a serious bit of kit once you open the metal case. Instantly standing out is the carbon bezel, which is infused inside the casing for extra strength. Next you will notice how well built and chunky the watch is. With tactile buttons and a matte finish across the whole device. It’s a statement piece that is for sure.


Like any G-SHOCK you can guarantee it comes with a wide host of features. This particular model comes packed with useful smart features that include:

  • Step counter
  • Thermometer
  • Barometer
  • Altimeter
  • Digital compass

These, along with the standard features of both analog and digital time keeping, alarm clock, stopwatch and a count down timer.


We took the watch out on a number of walks, most of which were in the pouring rain (thanks Wales). It gave a good opportunity to test how rugged and useful the watch was while out in a rain storm, walking in some very muddy conditions.

We found the Mudmaster performed fantastically. Wet hands didn’t hinder the use of the device thanks for the large textured buttons. The altimeter and step counter were great tools for us on the walks, and we found them to be very accurate compared to other devices with us at the time (a phone measuring steps).

The stop watch was also useful to track how long we were walking for. We didn’t have much of a need for the compass on our particular walks, but it was nice to know where we were heading and would be a good backup for a traditional compass if you needed to use it in an emergency, or in the dark.

G-SHOCK Connected app

While we didn’t get to test the watch with the app, I’m sure it would be a nice addition to the experience and overall usefulness of the watch. This is because with the app you can easily record and store you journeys, mapped out for you recording your distance, steps and altitude.


We enjoyed our time with the G-SHOCK Mudmaster. Finding it to be a solid companion device for our wet and muddy walks. Despite the large size of the watch, it was surprisingly light, though at times the large textured buttons did dig into my wrist a little. This could be avoided by wearing it on your other wrist though.

The watches features were useful and we can see why each one has been built in both for it’s own specific purpose but to also lift and work alongside the others too. All this makes the watch a rather well-rounded piece of adventure kit.

For a technical, pretty destruction proof watch, the price tag of £325 is pretty good. And certainly on par with similar outdoor/sports watches.

Overall, a solid watch for outdoor adventures with a good feature set built for over-landing. A definite consideration of you’re looking for this kind of watch.