Who are Scrubbed by Nature?

Inspired by the shorelines and rugged landscapes of Britain, our natural clay soaps are formulated to bring you back to nature. By using British Kaolin clay, mixed with the purest clays from across the globe, there’s no better way of connecting to the landscape than washing in it.

First impressions

The first thing that hits you is the smell. Even before you open the box, the smell is fresh and all encompassing. Each bar of soap comes individually packaged and is a good size bar. It is difficult to choose which soap is the nicest, as they all smell so fresh and enticing.

Following on with our plastic free challenge, Scrubbed by Nature soaps come in a lovely hand stamped cardboard box. The individual packaging for all soaps also comes in a cardboard box, with a sticker over the box opening with info and ingredients.

The Soaps

All the soaps are handmade in the UK using only the finest natural ingredients. Without harsh chemicals or animal testing, the soap is perfect to take with you on trips, especially if you fancy having a wash in a natural stream without harming the environment. Currently the lovely Ben, owner of Scrubbed by Nature, has created 6 different soaps. All have been creatively and thoughtfully considered, with the aim to help you feel clean and fresh as nature intended. Each soap has different properties, depending on the type of skin you have.


001 – Peppermint Rosemary

A cooling and invigorating shower soap. This is your go-to soap for an instant pick me up; it’s packed with peppermint and refreshing rosemary oils that are the perfect antidote to aches, pains and slow starts. The fresh peppermint cools the skin, reducing redness and calming irritation and itchiness. Rosemary oil is antiseptic and helps keep the scalp and skin clear.


002 – Grapefruit Ylang Ylang

A citrus soap that’s full of mood-lifting Ylang Ylang and grapefruit essential oils – perfect to set you up for a great day. This is one of SBN’s most alluring soaps. Ylang Ylang is known to be an effective antidepressant, antiseptic, antispasmodic and sedative oil. Whilst grapefruit juices are said to be particularly good at clearing up congested oily skin and acne.

003 – Lavender Litsea

A modern take on a classic smell, Lavender and Litsea combine to make a Zesty sherbet soap that’s so fresh, it might just put smile on your face. A Powerful, yet mild antiseptic, Lavender oil is often used for bee stings, minor cuts and burns, whilst Litsea Cubeba’s natural astringent properties allows pores to shrink and smooths acne-prone skin.


004 – Cedarwood Orange

The Cedarwood’s forest-like smell brings to mind the quiet shelter of dense trees, with a breeze of Sweet Orange essential oil. Cedarwood is said to aid respiratory and skin problems, while Orange may also help to reduce cellulite, stress and acne. It’s a perfect combination for woodspeople who want to feel bright and breezy.


005 – Rose Pachouli

Light and floral on one hand, earthy and hippy on the other; this soap reminds us of festivals, with smells that transport you back to the 60s. It’s good in the field too, as Rose Geranium’s regulatory effects on the hormonal system can clear sluggish and oily skin, whilst Patchouli has great diuretic properties and can speed up healing by stimulating the regeneration of skin cells.


006 – Tea tree and Bergamot

This antibacterial soap is the perfect evening face wash. Tea tree fights bacterial and fungal infections, whilst bergamot oil tackles oily skin, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and cold sores. A great combination for your bedtime routine. Charcoal deeply cleanses the skin and gives a gorgeous glow. Its soft, dry texture means it gently exfoliates, cleanses and polishes skin, and helps to absorb excess oils.

In the bathroom

The delicious mixture of plant oils, essential oils and fine clays with a lye solution are used to create the different soap formulas. This delicate mixture along with the all natural British clay make for a solid, long-lasting bar that lathers beautifully.

The soaps oils give off an incredible fragrance that can flavour your whole bathroom. Even when not in use, you still get a beautiful fragrant ambiance form the soap. Especially so if you have a few of them stored up ready to use.


As more and more people are looking to go plastic free, you cannot deny that the age of delightful, thoughtfully hand crafted items are on the rise. And thanks to small local companies like Scrubbed by Nature, who care for the environment, we are able to indulge in amazing products with a guilt free conscience.

Ben’s soaps are something that need to be tried in order to appreciate the delicate craftsmanship behind their formulas. They perform amazingly as a daily soap, and the guilt free production and packaging make them an excellent environmental choice for your body washing needs. If nothing else, they smell incredible and make your skin feel luxurious. Thats a nice change from chemical heavy multi-national branded soaps, right?

To find out more and to get your own soaps, see the Scrubbed by Nature website.