Situated in the woods close to the heart of Morzine sits the HQ of this startup clothing brand. Beginning as a side hustle, the brand is now growing a following with fellow mountain lovers. We sat down with co-owners, Lois and Charlie, to discuss how the brand started and what it’s like to run a business in the mountains.

Hi Lois, Charlie, it’s great to meet you. First off, you both call Morzine home, is that right? What’s the best thing about living in the mountains?


Yes we both call Morzine home. I live in the centre of Morzine itself, and Lois lives a little further down the valley nestled on the side of the mountain in the forest. This is where you will find the Slush HQ and our beloved studio.

The best thing about living at altitude is winters are cold and summers are hot, and you get the full effect of all four seasons here.

The terrain is epic, the sunsets are beautiful and there’s always something to do; whether its riding bikes, boards or just hiking with friends and dogs. It’s hard to get bored here.

What was your inspiration to set up SLUSH clothing? And how long have you been creating custom clothing?


I started Slush small-scale a couple of years ago as a side hustle to my main game, design and illustration. I wanted to learn how to screen print and the rest is history.


This winter is Slush’s second. However with our current format of Lois and myself combined it is only 6 months! Lois is my talented partner in printing crime. We teamed up in the summer after working on a collaboration together and I guess it was just the right fit. Ever since Slush has just gathered momentum, as I take all of the boring paper work off Lois’s hands to allow her to do what she does best, and create all of the designs which we are so proud to put our names to!

Do you find that the outdoors inspires your designs or processes?


Everything about my life in the mountains influences my designs and processes. I spend a vast majority of my time outdoors and so this is inevitable. The beauty that nature provides in its raw form never ceases to amaze me and I’m drawn to the shapes, colours and wildlife that I see; every day brings a new view. As for my processes, often they literally take place in the outdoors. I take a pencil and paper out for missions with my dogs, and take photos to use for reference and inspiration. Our lives in the Alps and the Slush designs are completely intertwined.

We love your trademark tie-dye tees! What is the process start to finish to complete these?


Firstly, we decide on a style and colourway to complement the graphic, and then prepare the dyes. We’ll often mix several colours to get the exact shade we want. Then through a combination of twisting, scrumpling and tying the fabric in different ways we create our various patterns. Once the desired effect has been achieved we’ll wash out and dry the garment ready for screen printing, packaging, and sending out!

Tie-dyeing is a very fluid process and the results cannot be replicated perfectly each time, meaning each garment is one of a kind. We are always experimenting with new techniques and it’s fascinating to see what new effects we can achieve.

The great thing about tie-dye is that anyone can do it; if you’d like to give it a try, get on Youtube and follow some tutorials, that’s how we started!

Are the illustrations on SLUSH clothing created by yourself or do you feature a lot of collaborations?


Most garments we create are Slush original designs, however each season we’ll be working on several collaborations with other brands, artists, athletes or charities. We love doing these collabs as it’s really inspiring to work with like-minded and super creative people, and to see our image projected from their point of view, and it pushes us to make sure we create something extra special!

Where can we find SLUSH clothing, are you stocked in shops anywhere?


If you are local to Morzine, MountainAspect ski shop in Saint Jean d’Aulps stock our products, alongside a great range of other locally produced gear. You can also keep an eye out for one of our pop-up sales, which are a regular summer and winter feature at mountainside bars, snowparks, bikeparks, and at sports and music events in the region.

For anyone looking worldwide you can find us at, which is regularly updated with our latest range. Don’t forget we only make limited runs of each product at a time so if you see something you like, act quick as it may not be there the next time. And lastly follow us on Instagram @slush_ for our most recent escapades and designs.

Finally, where in the world is your favourite place to hang out?


Somewhere hot and dusty on my bike… Most likely either Pila or La Thuile Aosta


Anywhere from waist deep in powder, to beside a roaring camp fire… as long as it’s outside I’m happy.