The award-winning EVOFIT ONE sandal offers performance benefits far beyond the adaptive upper. This versatile creature is equipped for virtually any activity outside, with a sock-like fit that feels like a second skin.


The EVOFIT ONE fits like a glove for your feet. Yet, it still allows freedom of movement and plenty of room for your toes to move thanks to their reasonably wide footbed. At first glance they look as though they might feel a little odd to wear, especially compared with some of KEEN’s other footwear – the Westward for example – but they fit very nicely in my opinion. My foot always felt secure, with quite an amazing amount of support coming from the elasticated sock-like fabric.


Further to the fit being surprisingly comfortable, the feel of the EVOFIT ONE’s on your feet is quite a treat. The fabric is soft and moves with your feet in a very natural way, supporting your every step. The shoes have a really solid sole, which means unlike some other sandals on the market, you don’t feel troubled by all the lumps and bumps in the terrain. One drawback with having a good sole to them is that they are still quite ‘heavy’ – but this is relative to other thinner sandals, they are still much lighter than many low ankle walking shoes. Personally, I would always prefer a good quality sole of weight saving, especially if you plan on using them on any kind of rough terrain.


I have tested these on pavements around town, on light dusty forest floors and on very rocky terrain around the coastline. Across all these varying terrain types, the sandals felt very solid and comfortable. Especially so on the rocks around the coast, which did surprise me a little. My feet didn’t feel like they were sliding around too much and the level of grip from the Vibram sole is immense. The simple yet strong ‘lacing’ system makes them incredibly easy to tighten to your liking, while the anatomically engineered footbed provides excellent arch support for added comfort.

I have only done short walks in these rather than longer hikes, as I feel as though they are more suited to this. Each time in bare feet rather than using socks. I may be slightly concerned about blisters if I was to wear them on a longer hike, and personally would go for something more solid all-round for this.


Overall I think the EVOFIT ONE sandals are a great summer footwear choice. Comfy on short adventures or if you’re hanging around water. They are highly performant over multiple terrain types while being lighter and breezier than a hiking shoe.

I have enjoyed wearing them throughout the hot weather that the UK has blessed us with this summer. Often replacing low-top walking shoes or casual sneaker for the daily choice of footwear.


You can get your own pair of EVOFIT ONE’s on KEEN’s website.