Nick took the KEEN Men’s Innate Mid boots for a spin across pavements, gravel pathways and soft woodland tracks to review one of the latest boots from the brand.

First impressions

On first look, the Innate Mid boots carry a slightly retro hiking vibe to them. Available in two colourways, the boots offer up a classic dark brown leather option and more modern blend of lighter colour tones. I got to test out the latter of the two.

Opening the box you get the well known simplicity from KEEN. Natural and fully recyclable materials cover and secure the boots within the box, ensuring they arrive in tip top shape.

KEEN Men's Innate Mid boot reviewed on Mountain and Co
A closer look at the materials on the Innate boots


This is a predominantly leather boot. Which is great for waterproofing, flexibility and durability. It can be not so great for the environment though. Thankfully, KEEN work with Leather Working Group-certified tanneries that use processes to reduce chemical use, reducing the impact on our waters. So big thumbs up there. The rest of the upper is made from mesh which keeps the boot breathable.


KEEN boots are usually quite wide fitting, especially in the forefoot. These Innate boots are no different. Awesome for me, as I have some wide feet! While generous in the fit, the boots are never too big. They don’t slip around as you walk and feel secure at all times.


Yup, sweat. We all sweat. Especially when hiking up hills. It’s hard work. KEEN have made these boots with that in mind, with the use of natural breathable materials and eco anti-odour technology. It’s forward thinking, using a probiotic technology that instead of pesticides and biocides, so it naturally breaks down odour in sweat without the use of heavy metals or hazardous chemicals. Nice.

KEEN Men's Innate Mid boot reviewed on Mountain and Co


Any good walking boot needs some level of water repellency. You never know when you’re going to need to splash you way through a babbling brook (or some muddy puddles). Another good feature of the Innate boots is that they includes KEEN’s own pfc-free KEEN-Dry technology. We’ve extensively tested this technology before, and have been pretty impressed with it.


These boots are sold as ‘looking and feeling just as comfortable touring the town as escaping to the trail’ and I would tend to agree with that. I’ve been wearing them both on short walks, muddy trails and to the supermarket. They are comfortable, hard wearing and can go with a multitude of clothing styles.

KEEN Men's Innate Mid boot reviewed on Mountain and Co


These aren’t boots to go mountaineering with, but they are a nice all rounder that can get you where you need to go in a trustworthy fashion. Incorporating plenty of modern technology whilst sticking the KEEN’s ethos of more eco-friendly products, the Innate boots can seamlessly fit into anyone’s boot collection.