KEEN obviously thought it had something good going with the Terradora, as they have now brought out the version II. I was so excited when I heard that KEEN had created the Terradora II hiking boot and they were kind enough to send me a pair to test out.

My first pair of these boots has been with me across the world on filming trips, hikes and walks and were thoroughly tested to the max. From Canada all the way to South Africa where they got eaten by a cheeky baby warthog in a rescue centre! You can read my previous Terradora review in the Mountain and Co archives.

So, now that the new version is here, let’s look at KEEN’s improvements to the Terradora II.

KEEN Terradora II boot review on Mountain and Co


As always the Terradora boot is one that you can just put on and go. For me they are super comfortable, never have any rub on the sides and are supportive both in the removable dual-density EVA insole with arch support foot arch and the ankle. For someone with wider feet they are comfortable and lightweight, so your feet don’t get as tired or achey on longer walks and hikes.

I chose to get my normal shoe size and found them to be comfortable, but there are a few people who recommend getting the half size up.

The KEEN Terradora still have a waterproof coating, which keep your feet dry in wet weather, but I wouldn’t recommend jumping into a river.

Terradora II upgrades

Since the Terradora I there have been a few upgrades for the better. Let’s take a look below.

The one thing that I did find is that with many boots you get some heel slip. Even with the many ways you can tie your shoes and with KEEN’s extra loop holes for support, that was still an issue. KEEN have now introduced the KonnectFit heel-capture system, which makes your heel stay in the boot, giving you a more locked in feel. No more heel slip!

Another improvement to this pair of Terradora boots is the grip in the sole of the shoe. The original grip was really great but this is even tougher, which makes running, hiking, and scrambling across rocks much safer and sturdier.

KEEN Terradora II boot review on Mountain and Co

KEEN still sticks with the same general ankle support and fit for women and has the breathable membrane, which is perfect for the summer months. This is something that I tested to the max when on film trips to very hot countries. It generally keeps my feet cooler than other boots but in extreme weather you still sweat.

It does come to a point with these boots (at least with the first version) that after many uses they do begin to smell. But I found that I could just change the insole and make sure that if they get wet or sweaty, that they have enough time to air out. Which helped a lot with that. The key though is to keep them clean and dry. 

Price and Colours

The Terradora II retails at £109.99 and is available in 7 different colours!

KEEN Consciously created

What is also great about KEEN is they are at the forefront of creating boots that really consider environmental impact. Below are examples from Keen on how they have improved this boot with thought for the environment.

“We’ve turned to nature to eliminate pesticides and biocides from going into the environment. Our insoles are infused with probiotic technology that naturally breaks down odour in sweat without heavy metals or hazardous chemicals.”

They continue;

“Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) are commonly used as a durable water repellent on outdoor gear and footwear. But these compounds are suspected carcinogens, degrade very slowly and persist in our environment, so we’ve switched to alternative chemistry that’s safe yet still effective.”


Overall I find the Keen Terradora II to be a great outdoor boot, with a good level of support and breathability. The changes they’ve made to version II definitely has made a difference. For me, it is especially the heel-capture system! They come in some great colours, which make you feel both safe on the slopes and good inside. This boot will make you want to go further and stay out for longer!

Find out more about the KEEN Terradora II’s and buy your own on the KEEN website.