Koto design modular houses, cabins and sculptural small buildings, with each one drawing inspiration from Scandinavian design and culture.

Teaming with Belgian startup Slow Cabins®, they jointly designed 1 of the 4 Slow Cabin designs. Like other Koto cabins, this one too draws inspiration from Koto’s passion for Scandinavian simplicity, as well as Slow Cabins’ focus on eco-design and emotional minimalism.

Slow Cabins also design and produce their own cabins.

Koto x Slow Cabin exterior.
© Slow Cabins.
Koto x Slow Cabin interior.
© Slow Cabins.

“Koto are challenging the way we think about buildings in the landscape from every angle, from their construction to how they are used and the environmental impact at every step along the way. We have created ‘bespoke’ and ‘off the shelf’ housing solutions, that address the demands of our changing mindsets towards house buying.”

Johnathon Little – Founding partner at Koto.

Koto create carbon neutral homes and cabins which are available in the UK, Europe and the USA. You can purchase off the shelf designs or commission a bespoke project suitable to your site and budget.

We are at the crossroads of several trends in society. The need for detox. The return to nature. Ecology. De-stressing. The experience economy. We also remove the stress of over choice from the customers. You book with us, but the location is kept secret up until two weeks before your departure. We surprise you. You just trust us that you will end up in a nice place, in one of our 10 cabins of 4 distinct designs at a maximum of two hours’ drive from your home.

Founder Slow Cabins

Slow Cabins® offers an answer to some important social trends. A concept with a vision for the future that combines unique nature experiences (people) with local nature development (nature).

Find out more about Koto or Slow Cabins® over on their websites.

Featured image © Slow Cabins.