First impressions

When first removing these boots from the box the first thing that caught my attention was the colour and design. So bright and pleasing to the eye with great details, pretty lightweight (at 330g) and a good sleek design. 

Testing out 

I tried this pair of shoes on with some hiking socks and they slipped on perfectly. The shoe I find is quite wide, giving me enough space as I have much wider feet. This was pretty comfortable and I took them out for a stroll without breaking them in. The boot has high ankle support, which I always find supportive in a boot. They also have all the foot protection in the right places, from the front protective toe cap to the materials it is made with to help you with both shock absorption to ankle support. 

I spent around 1.5 hours on a local hike across grass, mud, and stone. The shoes were really comfortable and had good arch support and grip. I didn’t find that the treads took on too much mud and the mud we were going through was pretty thick! The boots themselves are relatively light compared to some others that I have tested and their Gore-tex waterproof kept me nice and dry.

Another feature that I really like about this pair is the Sensiflex technology. With a lot of boots at the area where your foot bends, I sometimes get digs right at the top of my toes. These boots felt pretty flexible and I came out of it with no blisters or rubs. 

The one downside I would say, like many hiking shoes, is heel slip. Trying to tie the laces in certain knots to stop this from happening seems to be the only way to combat this. The laces on this pair of boots, like my other Salomons, are the spare of the lace. It’s much flatter and seems to hold a little better. Due to their lightness, they aren’t a boot that will keep your feet toasty warm, so a good pair of hiking socks is recommended. They work well for UK weather and temperatures.


£130 on the Salomon website. 


Overall if you are wanting a boot that is great for taking you on some local walks, that is lightweight and ready to go as soon as you receive them, then the Salomon Vaya Hiking boots will be a great purchase, just be aware that they won’t keep your feet as warm as some heavier hiking boots but they do keep your feet nice and dry and without blisters.