The Renegade GTX® is Lowa’s best selling hiking boot, claiming unparalleled trekking comfort and a whole host of technical features in a competitively priced package. We wanted to test the boot on our recent attempt of the Fjallraven Classic to see how this boot fared on the Kungsleden trail.


The Renegade GTX® comes in three widths: with narrow, regular and wide models. We tested the regular fit model out on the trail. As with any hiking boot, it is best to try before you buy, as sizing is very important to overall performance and comfort. The last thing you want is blisters being caused by too tight or too loose boots. For me, the regular fit boots were a good fit. I would say I have reasonably wide feet, especially around my forefoot, but the regular fit boots were great for me. I never felt uncomfortable or pinched by the boot, but I also never felt too loose within the boot. My feet were kept secure and comfortable all day across the 9 hour hike.

Feel and performance

Our hike took us across solid ground, rocky pathways, boggy land and wooden trail walkways. The Renegade’s felt comfortable across all these terrains. The solid lacing loops and mid ankle height of the boot helps to keep your ankles feeling secure and ‘locked in’, while offering enough room to flex and move naturally.

The boots never got completely soaked on our hike, but did get reasonably wet during one down pour of rain and walking through wet grassland. The GORE-TEX® lining and natural leather outer kept my feet warm and dry throughout. While GORE-TEX® is designed to be breathable, I found the boots got quite hot after a few hours of hiking, with my feet perspiring a little into my Merino hiking socks. It was surprisingly warm on the trail, so I believe the heat in the boot was down the how hot it was hiking, and the length of time we were constantly moving. I took the boots off at lunchtime for an airing and within about 10 minutes the boots and socks had dried out fully, making it comfortable to continue hiking.

As far as comfort level, the boots were very comfy straight out the box. It is always advised to wear in hiking boots over short walks before taking them on a longer hike. With the Renegades I was comfortable enough to only go on a few short walks before taking on the Classic and had no issues with them as far as fit or rubbing. Having these for a couple of weeks I would say that they will improve with age and more hikes, and see these as getting more comfortable the more you wear them.


For ‘big brown boots’ the Lowa Renegade GTX® were surprisingly light and nimble on the trail. Some of the most supportive hiking boots I think I’ve worn, they didn’t feel as though they would let me down whatever I threw at them.

While comfortable and sturdy, I did find the boots a little warm after a few hours hiking. Though as mentioned, this was in pretty warm weather and in two layers of socks, (one liner and one hiking sock).

After 9 hours of hiking rocky terrain with a 15kg bag on my back, my feet were in a reasonable amount of pain through the heels and forefoot. The main impact points. However, I don’t particularly think any boots would feel like fluffy cloud cushions after that length of time in them across the terrain and with the weight I had. So I am happy to say that these boots are very comfortable. Without the weight, or with less at least, I believe the boots would stay comfortable and pain free for a number of hours of constant walking.

Overall, I think the boots are a solid, waterproof and well supportive piece of footwear. I would certainly recommend them as an option to consider when looking for a well performing hiking boot that doesn’t cost the world.


Want to see more of the Lowa Renegade GTX® or find out about Lowa’s other footwear? Then visit the Lowa website here.