First impressions

What a striking pair of boots! All-round quite a futuristic look and feel to the angular design and materials. They are pretty cool looking, and certain to turn heads on any walking trail.

Salomon Cross Hike Mid Gore-Tex
Salomon Cross Hike Mid Gore-Tex


I have quite wide feet, and Salomon isn’t well known for their wide fit boots. These are no exception. For me, the fit was a little too snug. Towards the forefoot and toes especially for me, it felt particularly snug. These boots are modelled on some of Salomons other trail running footwear – so you can see where the fit profile comes from.

This snug fit does make the heel feel nice and locked in though, and the height of the boot does offer plenty of ankle support.

Quicklace™ Lacing system

I don’t usually go for quick lace systems, but this one was very good. It was indeed very quick to get the boots on and laced up ready to hit the trail. One thing I would say though is, I wasn’t sure where to store the excess lace once fastened. The boots do come with a quick guide attached to the boot in the box, but even after reading that, I was confused. In the guide it shows an additional loop that isn’t the neon one lower down the lace system. There is a handy pocket within the tongue to push the excess lace into, but I didn’t find it the most useful myself. Flappy laces aren’t great, they don’t fill me with confidence that I won’t step on one and fall flat on my face.

Salomon Cross Hike Mid Gore-Tex
Salomon Cross Hike Mid Gore-Tex


I found the grip on these to be well suited for wet, muddy conditions. The Contagrip® outsole has a series of multi-directional chevron-shaped ‘lugs’ – which certainly help to give you more grip on muddy terrain.

Gore-Tex waterproofing

Gore-Tex is one of those brands that offer you confidence whenever you see their logo. You know you are getting quality waterproofing with it, and about as good breathability you can get from a waterproof product.

The Cross Hike boots offer up more protection from the elements from the mid-height ankle, rubberised toe guards and a futuristic feeling seamless upper.

Salomon do say these boots are water repellent, and not waterproof. So I wouldn’t go jumping into any rivers. But, they will keep you feet dry and warm in ‘light rain and showers’ according to Salomon.


$170 from the Salomon website.


While I do enjoy the look of them, the fit of these boots didn’t work for me. If you have wide-ish feet, I would look at a different model in a wider fit.

The quick lace system worked well for it’s speed of getting you into the boot and ready to go – but I personally feel the lace is too long, and if you’re not careful you may well trip on them.

The grip is fantastic, and having a Gore-Tex membrane gives me confidence in them repelling water.

The construction for me is an interesting one. I like the idea of seamless designs, but in practice and under even reasonable usage on rough terrain, I’ve not found designs like this to last as long as more traditional layers and sewn designs.

A good boot for the right person, just, not for me.