Oakley kindly sent us a pair of their new Latch™ sunglasses to test out on some casual adventures. Read on to see what we thought of them.


Designed to be super wearable and fit with any style, the Latch™ sunglasses can be worn by anyone. The timeless rounded frame styling allows them to fit in with almost any outfit, whilst still holding its own as a fashionable accessory.


The Latch™ sunglasses not only look good, but they have been designed with some handy technologies in there that make them stand out from the crowd.

The awesome hidden feature of the interior ‘kick-up’, lets you clip the sunglasses to your shirt securely. This a great little touch that genuinely holds the glasses closer and more securely to you when you’re not wearing them. We found it a little tricky getting used to this though. It took us a couple of tries to get it really secure on the neck of a t-shirt.

The Prizm™ lenses do offer superior contrast and colour whilst wearing, (we tested the Prizm™ lenses in the violet / iridium colour) but the standard Oakley High Definition Optic lenses still offer clarity of vision, with both lenses having the all important sun protection.


The Latch™ sunglasses are designed for sports as well as leisure. Be it skateboarding, bike riding or paddleboarding. Taking them for a spin on a couple of road biking adventures, we found them to not only be comfortable with a helmet, but also secure fitting – yet also not too tight.

The glasses are very lightweight too, which makes them comfortable for wearing over long periods of time.


Whether you’re looking to update your old sunglasses for leisure or for use in outdoor sports, the Oakley Latch™ is for sure a good contender. Lightweight, stylish and technically performant, they are definitely a pair of sunglasses that should last the test of time if well looked after.

Looking for more technical information? Then why not check out the Latch™ glasses on the Oakley website.