The leading outdoor brand decided to go further than just using recycled materials in their new products by taking tired old clothing destined for landfill and re-crafting them into new wearable masterpieces, almost fit for the catwalk.

Launching Worn Wear ReCrafted, Patagonia haven’t just gone a step further in their eco processes, they have set a new precedent in how clothing can be beautifully reused and saved from the landfill.

The Worn Wear ReCrafted story by Patagonia

Made from a number of parts and swatches gleaned through their Worn Wear initiative, the garment gurus at Patagonia’s Reno repair center have deconstructed, stitched, repaired, and redesigned the many parts into wholly unique pieces. These newly assembled garments are then able to be sold again, creating a wonderful circle of life for well loved gear.

Take a look at some of these incredible upcycled garments that you can buy directly from Patagonia and help continue their journey!

For more information on Patagonia Word Wear and the ReCrafted clothing, visit the Worn Wear ReCrafted section of the Patagonia website.