Recently, we took a weekend trip over to the Symonds Yat and surrounding area on the border of England and Wales. On this weekend we had wanders around the Forest of Dean, canoed down the river Wye and camped out on the edge of the forest (in a rather large storm, but that’s another conversation!).

As part of these walks, we decided to visit a perhaps lesser known section of ancient woodland. Encapsulated in a (somewhat naff-feeling) family day trip venue is one of the most magical, moss-laden woodlands you’re likely to see in the UK. Don’t be put off by the ‘indoor maze’ and farm animals. I’d highly recommend walking straight by the family attractions directly into the trees.

Almost immediately you will feel transformed by this ancient forest. With its mossy rocks, tall gnarly rooted trees that cling to the craggy rocks and slim natural pathways. There is no wonder that this woodland has been utilised as a location for films and tv shows such as Game of Thrones, Star Wars and Doctor Who.

Take a look through our photos and maybe you’ll be inspired to visit too. Find out more on the Puzzlewood website.