For the 2017/18 ski season this year we are working alongside a new brand on the block, Red7 Ski wear. Red7 have been featured as one of the The Telegraph’s top independent ski brands to watch and they are creating some great products.

About Red7

Red7 Ski wear – named after their favourite ski run – was founded by two snowsports enthusiasts who wanted to provide outerwear which was not only optimised for comfort, but also style. What initially began as an idea for a Christmas present developed into a flagship product range.

Combining their years in Sports Technology and Management, work began on the creation of the Red7 all-in-one snow suit in the Summer of 2015. Developed using the latest technologies, the Red7 range has modernised the well loved ski onesie – because who didn’t love a good retro all in one ski suit? It provides wearers with great durability and comfort throughout the season.

Testing the CG1 on the slopes

Time to out it to the test in the Alps! The Red7 CG1 all in one is easy to get into and once zipped up is surprisingly warm. Underneath the suit we were only wearing underwear, a thermal vest and a BUFF. This, combined with constant movement, kept us nicely warm with the 3ply softshell fabric. You feel super comfortable whilst moving around due to the 4 way stretch fabric and if you do bail, the snow stays on the outside of you. This is an important feature for the Red7 team, pushing their motto of ‘there are some places snow shouldn’t go’. So no more cold snow riding up your back! There is room underneath if you do feel like wearing an extra thermal leg layer.

We had one day of snow while away, where the temperatures dropped to -8° plus wind chill and we still felt nicely warm. With the 15,000mm waterproof exterior, no moisture/water entered the suit. The suit also has 4 ventilation zip areas, so if you do work up a sweat you can cool down without removing your entire suit.

The suit also comes with some inside straps – much like a classic salopette – so you can unzip the top for when you want to chill outside whilst having a drink or grabbing some quick lunch. We did find these straps a tad fiddly but you can easily remove them if not needed. The suit also comes with a zip on the bottom front half, so it’s nice and easy for men to pop to the loo. It’s also much easier for women to take off and put back on, cutting out the messing around with extra layers (especially as we all know loo time whilst skiing can be a faff, with all the added extras of gloves, ski boots etc).

Below is a super simple step by step from Red7 for the ladies on how best to go to the toilet in one of their CG1 suits.

Ladies, when nature is calling try our sure-fire toilet tip:

    • Once removed, tuck each sleeve down a leg
    • Hook the hood through the legs and tuck inside the suit

What we really loved was that the suit has so many pockets – 8 in total. 2 handy pockets on the chest area, (which was great to stow your mobile phone) 2 pockets on the legs, 2 pass pockets on the arms and one square statement pocket on your hip. This statement pocket was great to stow away smaller items such as snack bars, money, tissues etc, however it wasn’t big enough for my mobile phone. There is also an inside pocket that allows you to stow away your phone and thread your headphones through for a much more comfortable and organised look.

When fully zipped up the suit almost fully covers your mouth area. At times we did want to wear the top zip of the suit undone a little, due to comfort and did find that the zip tended to rub below the chin. The large hood of the suit is also perfect for keeping the back of your neck nice and warm and can fit nicely over your helmet.

Fitted with RECCO technology

Developed in the 1970’s, The RECCO® Rescue System is two-part technology that helps lost skiers, boarders and hikers be found in adverse conditions and situations. Ski resorts and mountain rescue teams carry RECCO® detectors, which send out a search signal. RECCO® reflectors worn by skiers, riders and other outdoors people, bounce back a directional signal that directs the rescuer straight to the reflector. Unlike other technologies, multiple RECCO® reflectors on a person can improve detection.

RECCO® reflectors, like the one incorporated into the Red7 all in one, do not prevent avalanches, nor do they guarantee location or survival of a buried or lost person. Reflectors are also not a substitute for an avalanche rescue beacon. However, when someone needs more help than their friends can provide, RECCO® reflectors do provide another chance.


The CG1 all in one ski suit is designed to be unisex and comes in three great colourways. Blue, Navy and Black. If you want to stand out in the crowd the blue is definitely a head turner, due to it energetic feel and brightness on the slopes. The plus side to these colours is if it is a heavy snow day or low visibility you will be noticed much easier.


The CG1 suit comes in a unisex fit, with different size charts for both men and women. We advise that you make sure to measure yourself and check these size guides for the best fit.


After some testing on the slopes in both sun and snow, hot and cold – we found the Red7 CG1 suit to be a great technical all in one. The suit kept us warm, dry and comfortable and the ease of taking off the suit for going to the toilet/chilling out in the lunch downtime was great. So much less faff. You can tell that this suit has been carefully thought through and designed by people who know what the general public are looking for when it comes to good, technical skiwear.

For more information on the Red7 CG1 all in one ski suit and for more of their great products please visit the Red7 website.