We had the pleasure of travelling to see the Redwood trees of Longleat forest and got the chance to stay in amongst them for a few nights.


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A large section of the forest has been cultivated by humans to give visitors the chance to be up close with the worlds largest tree species. The oldest trees to be planted here were a set of Giant Redwood’s first grown in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California. They were brought to the UK in the 1850’s and planted as part of the landscaping for Longleat forest.


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The Giant Redwood is the world’s biggest plant and can weigh up to 1,000 tonnes.

Longleat is now full of Redwood trees, along with Fir, Birch and other native species to the UK. If you love a walk in the woods and being able to look up to see just the green of trees then Longleat is for you.

A great way to see the trees is to stay within Center Parcs, right in the heart of the forest. Holidays range from short weekends to a full week and offer plenty of activities to cater for any age, all while surrounded by these wonderful trees.

Head over to centerparcs.co.uk to find out more.