So we are delighted to say that last week we were invited to a new pop-up shop opening by Bristol based menswear brand, Roamers & Seekers.

They are a high fashion brand, specialising in clothing for both urban and outdoor lifestyles.

The shop itself is lovely and open, with clean white walls and tall ceilings keeping things light and airy. Other than their own great products, the store also supports local artists with pictures on the walls as well as a few selected high-end brands. Looking around we loved the fine details of the shop, from the watches to the lovely setup of magazines such a Sidetracked and Another Escape. It felt very welcoming with a natural vibe which was heightened by some great live music.

After taking a closer look at the selection of garments on offer, our top three menswear picks are:

The STATE Jacket

A great looking jacket perfect for both the urban adventurer and the more serious outdoorsman. It’s heavy weight, selection of pockets and solid construction make this jacket a great choice.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 18.56.39

The LIVE tee in Moss green

What we loved the most about this tee is the sense of adventure, fine details and super soft feel. We also really loved the sense of outdoors with the statement “To Escape is to Live”, perfect for anyone seeking adventure.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 18.57.46

The WANDERLIUST LITE orange jacket

Firstly, what a great colour! You would certainly never get lost in the wilderness while wearing this. The Wanderlust Lite is perfect for the autumn months. It has a light water repellant coating making it a good fit for a quick walk around the woods.

Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 19.05.20

If you’re a fashion conscious male looking for adventure in both urban and outdoor landscapes then Roamers & Seekers is perfect for you, but do bear in mind that it is not technical wear, therefore is not suitable for long hikes in the winter. For more information visit the Roamers & Seekers website.

Featured image and product images Copyright Roamers & Seekers.