Happy Canada month everyone! We have been lucky enough to work alongside both Vancouver Tourism and The Adventure group for this amazing RZR experience in Whistler, Canada. Whistler is truly an all year round destination with people flocking in the Winter months for skiing and snowboarding and in the Summer it is ready for high octane adventure experiences such as ziplining, quadbiking, mountain biking and RZR. The Adventure Group is the place to be if you want to have a great adrenalin packed experience.

Who are the adventure Group?

The Adventure Group represents the best activities and things to do in Whistler, British Columbia. Our philosophy is simple: we believe in delivering high-quality experiences that are fun, safe and convenient for our guests. By offering a collection of activities in one place and a variety of offices located throughout Whistler, we know that we are the most convenient way to book your Whistler excursions. Our team loves sharing the wonderful, natural playground we get to experience every day!

What is RZR?

The Polaris RZR 900 is not your average off-road vehicle, and it is a great departure from the machines used in the past like the well-known ATV. RZRs feature full bucket seats, seatbelts, a roll cage, and a steering wheel with gas and brake pedals, all adding up to a safer, more comfortable and easier to maneuver machine. The passenger experience is much improved, as they sit side-by-side with the driver in their own seat, rather than hopping on the back as you would with an ATV and having to peek over the shoulder of the driver for any kind of view. With greater safety and better control of the machine, guests can focus more on having fun and less on how to keep the machine on the trail.

The experience

Firstly we met at The Adveture Group HQ which is in Whistler Village. You of course have to sign waivers and understand that this is an extreme sport and can be dangerous. We then took a 20 minute shuttle up to the Mountain where we were introduced to Rob our guide. Rob was awesome, super friendly and very informative when I came to the health and safety.

We then suited up and started up. The hum of the engine similar to that of a quad bike. The RZR can hold 2 people or 4 people depending on group. The 4 person looked great for a family. We began with the tour and Nick got used to the throttle. We started the ascent which took us up through the alpine landscape, where we scrambled pretty easily up the rocky terrain. The ride can be bumpy but that is part of the fun! After many twists and turns we reached the top where there was time to take in the most amazing view – we were surrounded by nature and up so high so perfect for amazing landscape photography. After this and being attacked by the midges we got back into the RZR and made our way back down a different route. Again there were many twists and turns and we even hit many puddles of water, which was great fun. Finally we came back into base camp and it was time to go and for both of us that was a moment that we didn’t want to happen. We could’ve happily headed out all over again.

Why go with The Adventure Group?

An unprecedented move in the adventure tourism industry, The Adventure Group made a bold statement in the summer of 2015 by becoming the first company in Canada to offer RZR tours while completely replacing their fleet of ATVs with the new machines. “We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to deliver high quality experiences, and this was a big step in that direction,” said Founder and CEO Joey Houssian. The resulting popularity of these tours shows that they are industry leaders and innovators in the activities sector.


Whether you’re a family with children too young to drive or a bachelor party full of adrenaline junkies, The Adventure Group has a tour for you. The beginner course is great for families and anyone who is wanting to try something new but isn’t the most extreme of adrenalin junkies. The ride is amazing and full of scenery and you do fee like you are having great fun in nature. You never feel uncomfortable and only have a sense of fun You can get pretty muddy/dusty but the company does provide overalls and all safety equipment. For us it is one of the many activities in Whistler that you should not miss and we would happily go and experience it all over again! Also a big thanks to Rob our RZR guide for making it both safe and great fun!

For more information and bookings for RZR and the many other outdoor activities, check out The Adventure Group website.

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