Whilst away on the Fjallraven Polar Dani was given a pair of Salomon Four Seven goggles to review. The arctic circle was the perfect place to test out this product in arctic conditions where temperatures and weather could change daily.

The Salomon Four Seven range

Created for the 70th anniversary of Salomon, Four Seven is a modern, progressive goggle with design details that recall Salomon’s heritage of innovation. Four Seven boasts a unique anatomical fit, wide field of vision, and a high quality SILS lens for light filtration and clarity.

Above you can see me before the start of the polar. The Salomon four-seven goggle was great for working in minus degree temperatures and had a great field of vision.

Design and fit

This is technically branded as a mens goggle, not sure why though because as goggles are such a unisex piece of equipment.

What is great about the Salomon goggle is the maximum field of vision. This helped greatly when on the sled. When in a static position without utilising and extra energy, my vision was great and it did help having that extra degrees of vision. That paired with Salomon’s goggle advanced glare reduction made them a great asset to the expedition. When on the sled with sun reflecting off of the snow, visibility could be difficult. This goggle made it much easier to see the details and cut the glare from the sun. This made the experience much more pleasant. The goggles are also 100% UV protection.

The goggles were also very lightweight, which made them much more comfortable on you face, so much so that it didn’t feel like I was wearing them. The elasticated strap is also strong and enables you to adjust to your comfort. Inside of the elasticated strap has silicon print on the inside to protect from the goggles slipping.

They are also designed to be able to wear glasses on the inside and I must say that there was definitely enough room for this.


The Salomon four seven come in various colours, from deep red to ice blue.

On the polar expedition

The Salomon goggles were a great fit and cut out all of the air surrounding my eyes. At first the inside did feel quite itchy but my forehead got used to it (I put it down to being a new unused pair). Unfortunately the downside is when having to exert extra energy whilst going uphill the goggle did tend to steam up. This made my job of pushing and kicking on the sled a lot more difficult, so I do not agree with the Salomon airflow systems design with this particular goggle. It would be great to test these goggles on the slopes too as it may be the same if too much energy is exerted, resulting in body heat going up. After half a day of using I had to change to sunglasses to allow air to circulate so I could see where I was going.

Tech specs

  • Men’s Salomon Four Seven goggles
  • Easy Change lens system
  • Airflow System: Designed to offer the perfect amount of air distrobuted though out, keeping the inner lens fog free
  • Size: Medium to large fit
  • Silicon print on the inside of the strap to provide a non slip fit
  • Wide Vision: Wider field of vision due to the rduced thickness of the frame
  • Anti-Scratch: Anti scratch coating with high resistance and long lasting
  • NXT Cylindrical lens: 2D flat appearance
  • 100% UV protective
  • OTG Fit: Designed to fit over glasses
  • Conditions: All conditions


Overall the fit and design of the Salomon goggle was very good. It was comfortable, the goggles vision was good by design but unfortunately got pipped at the post when it came to steaming up when body temperatures rose. Again I would love to try these goggles out on a ski slope to see if they perform in a different manner but if again they do steam that wouldn’t be the best option.


For more information on Salomon products, including their range of goggles, please visit the Salomon website.