To celebrate National walking month, Salomon have released a new hiking shoe. The OUTline Womens GTX. This is a hiking shoe with sneaker/trainer comfort, great for everyday adventures.

We spent the day hiking Pen-y-fan in Wales, in all different kinds of weather to test these shoes out.

First impressions

When first picking up the shoe, they felt relatively light and have a good, solid construction. Stitching was great and the tongue of the shoe is attached, so it doesn’t move around when walking. A known pain in many boots. The insole of the shoe is made with Ortholite technology, which helps support your foot. It did feel very supportive, especially as I myself generally need extra arch support.

Putting the shoes on for the first time I though they were very comfortable. They feel snug and supportive, even around the ankle and they do indeed feel more like a trainer rather than a heavy hiking boot. I didn’t need any time to wear them in.


When hiking, the shoes did not have any heel slip and the laces – which are flat – tied tightly and didn’t loosen too much during my entire hike. They have been designed with flat laces as this generally reduces the pressure points at which a lace can become loose. This meant the shoes stayed firmly on my feet, supporting all of the correct areas.

Hiking Pen-y-fan took around 3 hours (as a circuit) and was mainly uphill. We encountered many weathers, most of the time rain and high wind (the higher up the mountain you hiked). The ground was a mixture of mud and rock. The shoes coped well under such weather conditions and with the built in Goretex, my feet survived the journey and kept completely dry.

The ground was slippery at times due to rocks that have eroded over time but the grip on the bottom of the shoe kept me stable. Walking down at points did play up on the ankles, with some awkward turns across the rocks but the grip remained top notch when coming back down.

Along side the amazing grip of the sole, the support that came from this is second to none. When going back down the mountain, the feet took more shock but it was nicely cushioned by the shoe with it various layers to the sole.

And finally, for a first time wear and in the wet, the shoes didn’t smell when taking them off, but with that time will tell.


The price point for these hiking shoes is £115

Colour and sizing

I am a UK Women’s 8 and these fit me perfectly to size.
The shoe comes in 4 colours all the way from grey/mint, green, pink/black to a solid black


This is the first time that I have tried out a more trainer-like hiking shoe rather than a boot and I was impressed. I took them through their paces and in various weather conditions, up rocky terrain and through puddles and they really did come out on top.

From the first time I put them on they felt supportive, they kept my feet both warm and dry, had a great grip system and are of course stylish!

If you are looking for an everyday hiking shoe that is lighter than your average hiking boot, or you’re going on an easy outdoor walk/hike with friends or family, then this would be a great shoe to consider.

For more information on the Women’s OUTline GTX hiking shoe, please visit the Salomon website.