Last weekend we ventured to the Wye Valley and went on a few walks through the woods. This was the perfect time to test the Salomon Women’s OUTline jacket as it was due to rain.

First Impressions

When first pulling it out of the box and taking a look I noticed it was a lovely colour and that it was very lightweight. This was exciting as I have never had a jacket that was so light yet waterproof. It seemed perfect for small adventures and great that it wouldn’t take up too much space! The fabrics felt very high quality and when putting it on it didn’t cling to the skin or go up under your armpits too much.

The hood is a smart hood, so no need for any cords or drawstrings, meaning that it would protect you from the elements while keeping the weight (and faff) down to a minimum. I also love the added extras in the reflective coating on the branding, that means for any of you active people after dark would be a good added safety feature. All of the zips are sealed and waterproof and the pockets are of a good size to store the basics (phone, money, energy bar).

Out walking


The size that I chose to test out is a UK Large (I am a UK size 14-16). This was quite a snug fit (especially if you are slightly larger chested lady!). It fitted well around my wrists due to the elasticated cuffs but not as well around my waistline. I would recommend getting one size up if a snug fit doesn’t float your boat. Especially if you want to allow for extra body room but also room to layer if you wish to do so. Because it was so lightweight, it was great to just take it on and off quickly when needed. It was also easy to stuff it into your bag where it really doesn’t take up any room or add significant weight.

We went on various walks both on flat surfaces and up and down a large hill, about a 30 minute walk. When walking at certain points the jacket would rise up my back a little, which I found uncomfortable. (I seem to have this problem a lot, is it just me or do other people have this problem? I was also wearing a backpack). On the plus side it does keep you nice and cool, especially as my body temperature tends to rocket up whenever I am doing exercise.

Whilst out walking we had a light rain.  We also put up our tent in the evening under a storm with torrential rain. At this point I had to switch to a poncho as it got to a point where the jacket (while still dry inside and waterproof) couldn’t handle the amount of water on me, which lead it to cling to my body, making me feel pretty sticky!




A sea blue, Purple/navy, red/pink


If you are looking for a jacket that is stylish, lightweight and can be worn just over a T-shirt then this is great. It fits in your bag with little room needed. I always keep mine in my bag incase of any weather changes. I think it is too thin to wear on a cold day without another layer so I would recommend getting a size larger than expected if you plan to do so, especially if you dislike snug fit and the fact that it may ride up you back when walking with a backpack.

I could imagine this being a great jacket for people who go trail running/running in general as it stays pretty cool. In light rain it is at its finest but anything with a larger downpour, I would go for a more heavy duty raincoat.

For more information on the Salomon Women’s OUTline jacket check out the Salomon website.