The technical outdoor Tashi Tee from Sherpa Adventure Gear is perfect for both outdoor sports like hiking as well as chilling out by the campfire.

Lightweight and very breathable, the tee comes in a variety of colours for this season.

Sherpa Adventure Gear Tashi Tee review


I took it out for a few walks to see how it felt. While it was super breathable, I did find the sizing a light tight under the arms and across the back of the shoulders. This is just personal preference and it depends on how you like to wear your t-shirts. I like mine a little larger, so for me their sizing was just a little too tight. The fit didn’t make me sweat though, as the tee is very breathable. After a while wearing it I began to enjoy the fit more.

Sherpa Tashi Tee review

The tee is constructed with drireleaseĀ® fabric, so it feels like cotton but is designed to out-perform it in every way. Both moisture-wicking and odor-neutralizing, the tee keeps you feeling dry and comfortable when doing a multitude of outdoor sports and recreation.


The Tashi Tee isn’t the cheapest, but neither is it the most expensive technical tee out there. Purchasing from Sherpa though, you know at least a proportion of the money you pay is going towards providing education and resources for children in Nepal.


Should you buy one? Maybe. If you’re looking for a nicely designed technical tee then this certainly delivers. Able to keep you comfortable whilst out doing the sports you love as well as giving something back to the people who make them. Just be sure to get the size that you will feel most comfortable in.