This winter I have been given the Sherpa Kailash hooded jacket to test out in the cold and dry conditions of Africa as well as the rainy and changeable weather conditions of the UK.

About sherpa by Sherpa

Sherpa Adventure Gear was founded in May 2003 by Tashi Sherpa, as a living memorial to the unsung heroes of Mt. Everest.

Since the first ascents of Everest, climbers have relied upon the invaluable assistance of a Sherpa companion on the treacherous slopes of the Himalayas . It is the Sherpa who makes the route, carries the load and sets the ropes to the top and back.

We are a small brand with a big heart, dedicated to providing economic and social stability to the people of Nepal through steady employment, quality working conditions and educational opportunities for future generations.

Each season we grow. But at the core we will always be a small brand changing the world in the inimitable way of the Sherpas: one step at a time, helping each other on the climb up, and never losing sight of the destination.


Testing the Sherpa Jacket

I have taken this jacket on various outdoor pursuits both in the UK and international to see how well it performs in lower temperatures.


This jacket is very lightweight and highly compressible, which makes its easy to fold and stow away quickly. It is also thin enough to wear as a layer underneath another puffer jacket if needed for colder conditions.

Design & Fit

The shape of this jacket is very flattering and nicely fits the curves of a woman’s body. It can also be cinched in at the sides for an even snugger fit. There is enough space in the armpit area and the sleeves long enough, with an elasticated area around the wrist. I have easily worn 2 layers underneath this jacket, with the jacket on top and I haven’t felt restricted. The only downside to this jacket is it does ride up sometimes with movement, so layers underneath i have tucked into myself to keep me as warm as possible. I have also worn this jacket for day to day activities when it is cold with just a t-shirt underneath and it has kept me warm.

Although the jacket is lightweight, it keeps in the warmth, especially when sitting for a long time in a stationary position. This is due to its 80g of PrimaLoft Black Insulation. Temperatures were in the low degrees throughout the night and I kept warm. The hood on the jacket is well considered and keeps the head warm. The design covers the bottom part of your chin up to your mouth if needed and also works well in high winds. It also comes equipped with a media port, so your phone can be stowed inside the jacket and the headphones running up through the jacket for easy access.


My most favourite part of this jacket are the fabrics. The jacket is stitched well and the lining in both the pockets and on the zip protector by the chin is very soft. This fabric keeps the hands extra warm and comfortable and the zip protector takes away the issue you have on many jackets with zip and zip edges rubbing on the chin. The thought that has gone into this jacket by both design and also pattern is well considered, with a beautiful inner pattern. The jacket also holds its Nepalese style by having the Himalayan flags flying through both the zip design, lining the pockets and the hood. A nod to the sherpas of the Himalayas.


The Sherpa jacket comes in 3 colours – the easiest way to describe is Ani (a berry red), Khola (mint green) and Rathee (Navy blue).

Retail price



Overall this is a great jacket to wear. What I love best about the jacket is how lightweight it is and how easy it can be to take off and stow into a bag, using up very little space. This is something to consider when you live in the UK with weather that is very changeable. The thought that has gone into the extra details are great, keeping you nice and warm, whilst looking great.

Tech specs

The Kailash Hooded Jacket in Ani is a must-have addition to any active woman’s wardrobe. Lightweight and easy to pack away, it offers great levels of warmth, thanks to its 80g of PrimaLoft Black Insulation shell and cinch-able hem meaning you can adjust the fit as well as customise your look. The low-profile media system, with earbud guides and media port, allows you to stay in touch with the world or listen to your favourite music whilst out on the trail or exploring the city. The jacket’s trim looks to Nepal for its style, while the Himalayan-inspired printed taffeta liner adds a traditional finishing touch to the design.

Mount Kailash, located in the Kailas range of Tibet, is considered a sacred place. Every year thousands of pilgrims walk around a 32-mile route that encircles the mountain; The goal is to complete the journey in a single day.

  • Himalayan inspired printed taffeta liner makes for hitch free layering
  • 80g PrimaLoft® Black Insulation Hi-Loft is water-repellent, highly compressible and maintains 98% of warmth, even when wet
  • Jacket is highly compressible so you can travel light
  • Hem can be cinched in via side adjusters
  • Includes our unique, low profile media system with a media port and earbud guides for ease of use

We love this jacket, and think it is a great buy. You can purchase your own Sherpa Kailash Jacket here.