If you are thinking of taking an amazing Irish adventure for a long weekend we just wanted to introduce to you a quick round up of what to do on the Antrim coast – our top 5!

1. Giants Causeway

The reason why everyone’s heads up this way is to visit the Giants causeway. Run by the National trust this UNESCO heritage site brings in many visitors. For more information on the Giants causeway, check out our more in depth review here.

2. Carrick A rede Bridge

This amazing bridge connects to a small island from the mainland. It was first used by Salmon fishermen in 1755, who erected the bridge to allow them to collect their fishing nets. The location is now owned and monitored by the National Trust. The island itself is relatively small and is home to various nesting sea bird colonies. When up the top it can be pretty windy so be careful near the edges as there is no protection. The bridge is monitored for ‘traffic’ and it can definitely be a very uplifting experience when you cross. We crossed in pretty high winds, which was a fairly hair raising experience! https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/carrick-a-rede#Overview

3. Dunluce Castle

This medieval castle is one to explore. Sitting on the edge of a cliff with stunning views of the ocean. It will take you around an hour if you get into the details and reading all the information. The castle has many areas to explore and some lovely photo opportunities.

4. Game of Thrones locations

For you Game of Thrones fans there are many locations along the Anrim coast that will be familiar. From the Dark hedges, (which was nice to see but pretty much a bunch of trees) to the Iron Islands, (Ballintoy Harbour – which was amazing to explore and has such a rugged look, with a few small caves to venture into) there is something for everyone.

5. Titanic Museum and Game of Thrones tour

Heading back into Belfast and only have half a day? Then check out the Titanic museum. This museum will easily take you a few hours to explore. It goes into the history of Belfast and ship building and tells the real and more in depth story of the Titanic and the lives of the people that the disaster affected. If you love Game of Thrones, you can end your visit by heading over to Titanic Studios, where currently they have a tour showcasing the various props and costumes in the series. (and outside currently July 2019 – they still have the set of Kingslanding from GoT, when queen Danny goes crazy and burns the city! You can’t go in but it’s amazing to see from afar). Keep your titanic museum ticket for money off at the GoT tour.

Food along the way

For all of your foodies out there these are the three places that we enjoyed the most for food on our long weekend of Northern Ireland:

Mini Maegden – does the BEST cheese toasties and hot chocolates. Located next to the Giant’s Causeway. If you don’t go you are truly missing out!

Bothy (in White Park Bay) – a lovely place that does awesome brunch. From eggs, avocado on toast and awesome pancake stacks and delicious coffee, this is a lovely place to chill with friends before a day of outdoor exploration.

Titanic hotel Belfast (The Drawing Room) – If you are wanting something a little more upmarket, why not visit the Titanic hotel. Set in the original room where all of the blueprints for shipbuilding were created, the airy and spacious bar/restaurant is the best place to sit back and relax. They serve both alcohol, soft drinks and really great irish coffees and if you are feeling peckish, they provide afternoon tea. Here is another great independent review.

There are of course many areas that we did not complete in our long weekend, so if you have any other favorites let us know!