Dani took the Icebreaker Merino wool Vertex Leggings and long sleeve half-zip top out to the French alps to test out the new base layers in the freezing mountain temperatures.

First impressions – Design and fit

When I first opened this, my first thoughts were what a beautiful design! I then put it on. As this is made of wool I was expecting it to be quite itchy and uncomfortable. It was in fact the opposite of this. It was very soft! Both the top and the leggings were soft on the skin and fitted well on my figure. It wasn’t tight at all, (being a larger chested lady, I know many people have this problem!) but had a great elastic waistband to keep everything in place.

Icebreaker also have a fit finder on their website that will help towards finding your perfect fit.

The top has a zipper that was great when on the slopes as if you got too hot you could unzip a little to allow some cool air to your body. The stitching on the base layers is very sturdy and when you look closely you can see the fine fibre weave that creates the base layer.

Icebreaker women's 200 baselayer reviewIcebreaker women's 200 baselayer review

Wear and tear on the slopes

I ended up wearing this 100% merino wool base layer set for the entire week skiing and it never gave off a smell. Merino wool is famous for its anti-odour properties and the fine fabric enables the clothing to be breathable. This especially helped on my legs as many of you ski enthusiasts know your legs can become dry from wearing ski boots all week, so the extra thin and breathable layer helps reduce that dryness.

The gusseted design also allows for freedom of movement when skiing. At no point did a ever feel uncomfortable. Icebreaker base layers are perfect for layering as they are so thin and enable full movement when skiing without any hassle. The seams are all flatlock, which reduces rubbing, when moving. This definitely did help with skiing. I had no rubbing whatsoever.

Icebreaker Women's 2019 baselayer review

Colour and sizing

This 2019 style comes in three colourways – black/snow, snow/black and Velvet/Prism.
Sizing ranges from XS – XL


Top – £110
Leggings – £80

Tech specs

FABRIC: 100% Merino Wool
PRODUCT WEIGHT: Medium = 255 g / 8.99 oz

FABRIC: 100% Merino Wool
PRODUCT WEIGHT: Medium = 220 g / 7.76 oz


I have tested quite a few base layers whilst reviewing gear and I have finally found what I believe to be the best base layer so far. The sizing has been great, with the fit working around all the right curves for women.

Layering up with them works well and after a week the base layers did not smell. They were the right temperature and kept me warm but not too hot.

If you are going to invest in a well made product that will last for a long period of time and that you can wear not only skiing, but outside in general, then I would personally choose this Icebreaker 100% Merino wool base layer set. Merino wool all the way!


You can find this set among other great base layer options on the Icebreaker website.