We have recently been spending some time in the outdoors, and along with us comes the Jack Wolfskin Women’s Crystal Palace Jacket.


What is great about this jacket is the fact that it is large and puffy and a great down jacket but it still has enough space to wear a jumper underneath as well, for that extra warmth. I am a UK size 14 and the jacket fit my body perfectly. The arm length and torso length fits well. There are also ribbed cuffs to the jacket, which was great if wearing gloves or just fitting your hands snugly into the warm pockets.

The pockets in the jacket are nice and deep, so i could fit all of the essentials (phone, wallet, earphones and extras. There is also a pocket on the inside to keep extra valuables close.

I also personally love the fact that the zip doesn’t rub on your chin when fully zipped up. This is protected by a soft piece of material.


I have spent some time wearing this jacket both in woodland and the city of Brussels and Amsterdam (where it was surprisingly cold, with quite high wind). The jacket kept me warm, even without another layer underneath. At some points I was very warm, so had to undo the jacket for a moment. The hood was great and provided a strong shield to the wind, when the cold winds were high in Amsterdam. The jacket also has drawstrings on the front, so I could create a tighter fit on the hood.

Is it weather proof?

The jacket is definitely wind-proof and with the extra duck down kept me nice and warm and acted as a great padding for the heavy bag I was carrying around. The jacket is water resistant and in a light rain could handle the drizzle but any further than that i wouldn’t advise (take an umbrella!)


£175 on the Jack Wolfskin website.


The Crystal Palace jacket comes in a number of colours including; Lapiz Blue, True Lavendar, Midnight Blue and Ruby Red.



If you are looking a for a jacket that’s perfect in the city or your local woodland to brave the winter weather then look no further. The Jack Wolfskin Women’s Crystal Palace jacket is above all a very warm jacket, it can handle a small drizzle and can be worn with extra layers underneath.

For more information on the Crystal Palace Jacket please visit the Jack Wolfskin website.