Peregrine are a UK brand who have been manufacturing clothing for over 220 years. So, they know a thing or two about the garment production process.

While many of their products use UK grown and sourced materials and manufacture, this year, Peregrine decided it was time they launched a dedicated product line that was produced in a fully sustainable, zero waste method.

Knitted in England on specially designed 18 gauge machines, each item is made in one seamless piece from 100% BCI organic cotton. The garments are knitted to size with ribbed cuffs and hems that aim to improve overall fit whilst adding a stylistic nod to the construction. There are no offcuts. So there is zero waste.

Peregrine Zero Waste Tee
The Peregrine Mens Zero Waste Tee

We tried out these zero waste tees and we can tell you that they feel great. The super comfortable single construction has a slightly more fitted feel than a multi-piece tee, but it isn’t too tight. We found that they fit true to size.

Now, these tees are pricey – at £95 per tee – so they aren’t for your everyday. We see them as more of a sustainable fashion item that you keep for more smart casual moments, which might make the price a little more palatable for a wider audience.

Closeup of the Peregrine Zero Waste Tee

The price is also a guide to how much time and effort has gone into the production of these garments to make them as sustainable as possible. The Zero Waste line is a sign of the commitment that Peregrine has to produce the best quality garments with minimal environmental implications.

The company have a ‘traceability’ page on their website giving plenty of information on the materials and construction process of the garments so you can browse with full transparency. It is clearly something very close to the hearts of those at Peregrine.

Detail on the Peregrine Zero Waste Tee

In short, we rather like them, with their classic styling and fit. They add a touch of class to a casual outfit, whilst being sustainable and having zero waste in the production process.

Fancy adding to your own sustainable wardrobe? Then take a closer look at the Zero Waste tees and other UK made garments from Peregrine on their website.